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Portfolio as a Front-end Developer

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As a last year Mobile Application Design and Development student, I have completed most of the course assignments and materials and have decided to list some of the ones that I am most confident of...

Bootstrap Portfolio

Made with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

Website screenshot This was finished on December 13th, 2019 as a Final Assignment for my Cross-Platform Web Design course. I have not been able to update it since then but I am planning to do so when I graduate.

Yelp Restaurants Nearby

Search for restaurants near you. Made with Yelp API and React Native Expo

Github repo

Samsung Galaxy S10 – 1.png

CryptoList PWA

Crypto currency pricing list with Skeleton Loader, reload 3 times for PWA Install. Made with React

Github repo

Netlify link


CareGuy UI Design

An application to seek caregivers for the elderly or people in need.

XD Prototype


Flower Checkout UI Design

Self-checkout process for a shopping application

XD Prototype

Self-checkout Process

More coming on the way...

I hope to be adding more to this list on the future :)

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